Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lake Tarpon Xtreme Series Tournament 6/19

This past Saturday's Xtreme tournament on Lake Tarpon was a carbon copy of the past 4 tournaments for my partner and I as we had close to 10 pounds good enough for about 5th place out of 12 boats. We just can't get anything over 3lbs this year but we aren't the only ones! Limits are not so hard to come by but if you can reel in a 4 to 5 lb'er it seems you are set for 1st or 2nd. 1st place was again about 14 lbs with big bass in the 5 lb range. Gone are those 17-20lb stringers it used to take to place on Tarpon and where are those 8-9 lb big bass that used to come in every tournament? I'm not sure if it's the cold winter and hot spring or over-spraying of pesticide or cutting of the hydrilla fields or overfishing but the size is definately down on Lake Tarpon. The numbers are definately still there as my partner and I have been catching 20-30 bass each tournament. This past Saturday, we got most of our fish on the East side of the lake in about 8 feet on the outside edge of a grass line on texas rigged plastics. Don't think the color mattered as we used several different colors and got bites on most of them. The water temps were 88-89 degrees around most of the lake although we found an area that was around 85 degrees but with no fish:)