Tuesday, January 27, 2009

North Tampa Bass Club Starts a New Season

North Tampa Bass Club will frigidly kick off the 2009 season this Saturday January 31st at Lake Pierce in Lake Wales. Temps are forcast to be in the 30's at blast off but the sun is expected to come out and warm us up and hopefully the bass! North Tampa holds 10 tournaments and a 2-day classic each year with an Angler of the Year crowned. Membership is $24 with entry fees being $25 per tournament with an optional big bass pot of $5. For more information, check out our website at www.northtampabassclub.com

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dunedin Causeway report 1/5

I Headed out to Dunedin Causeway on Monday with fellow anglers Kevin and Dave for a day of kayaking in the sun and a few trout to boot! With my truck being the only able kayak carrier, the Durango was turned into a kayak moving machine as Dave and I somehow jammed two 14ft kayaks in the back and a 15 footer on top! We got a few looks on the way but she got the job done! We first stopped at Get Hooked Bait and Tackle on the Causeway to meet up with Kev and get some shrimp. They hooked us up with some monster shrimp, thanks Daryl! We then headed to the first bridge on the causeway where we launched and started our day of fishing.
We got out at about 11:45am with low tide being about 11:15am. We paddled out on the flats for about 10 minutes and decided to take a few casts. Before I could get my anchor out, Dave is hooked up! As I am fiddling with my kayak and trying to get a shrimp out, Dave lands a nice 20+ in trout. It looked like it was going to be a good day! Dave quickly hooks up with another keeper and takes a lead he would keep all day finishing with 4 trout. The fishing was pretty slow for me though as I only managed 2 dink trout with a few missed bites but enjoyed the day off in the sunshine! Every once in a while I would hear Kevin shouting that he was on and at my guess I would put him at 3 trout with all of them being keepers. The prize of the day was a 24 inch gator trout caught by Dave, his personal best! Next time I will get a picture!
Get Hooked Bait and Tackle
209 Causeway Blvd
Dunedin, Fl 34698