Friday, August 22, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Well, being that I was supposed to take my sister fishing Wednesday and my bosses nephew on Thursday, I hated to see Fay roll in and kill any plans to get out on the water. With that said the amount of rainfall we are going to get from this Storm will be crucial in getting some of our central Florida lakes back up to their normal water levels. The Winterhaven Chain has probably been hit the hardest in the past few years with the low rainfall. The canals used to navigate between lakes have all but dried up with the exception of a few larger canals. Being that this chain of lakes is one of my favorites to fish, I have been sad to see it continually passed up when we vote on lakes to fish in our bass club. Hopefully this storm will dump enough rain on Winterhaven to make all the lakes in this chain accessible again!

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