Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pair of Benefit Bass Tournaments @ Camp Mack

There are a pair of benefit tournaments that will be taking place within the next month at the Kissimmee Chain out of Camp Mack. The first is taking place this Saturday the 15th of February and will benefit Jacob Ellis who is the grandson of Brenda Lacy and was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately I don't have many details on Jacob or the tournament other than the weigh-in is at 2:00 and the contact number is 863-696-1108 for Camp Mack. If I get more details, I will pass them on but anything you can do to support this tournament will be greatly appreciated I'm sure! The second is The Barbara "Boo" Allen Memorial Tournament in support of the Good Shepherd Hospice. It will take place March 15th out of Camp Mack as well. Entry will be $75 and will pay back 5 places so get out there and support these tournaments if you can!

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