Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Camp Mack Open Results 10/31-11/1

This past weekend marked the first tournament of the Camp Mack Open series out of Camp Mack on the Kissimmee Chain. They will have a total of 12 2-day tournaments leading up to a 3-day classic next December. Tournaments will take place on the first weekend of each month through 2010. I love fishing Kissimmee so I decided to try my luck against the locals. I think I held my own even though I placed around 11th out of 26 teams, most of which were local Kissimmee Chain anglers. I finished with my limit 5 fish each day for a 2-day total of 17.35lbs. The winner doubled me up with over 16 pounds each day and bagging both big bass awards with an 8.04-lber day 1 and an 8.05-lber day 2. 2nd place was around 23 pounds and I forgot the rest but will post the results once the are posted by Camp Mack.
Water temperature was 79 in the mornings, heating up to 85 by mid afternoon. Fish seemed to be somewhat active but most were caught on Culprit Junebug worms and Bitters Slings in blue/black fished slowly.

For more details on this series go to www.campmack.com/CampMackOpen.asp


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