Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lake Tarpon Report July 5th, 2010

After spending the 4th of July gorging on my buddy Kevins famous smoked ribs, watching my friend Jay nearly blow his hand off a dozen times, and drinking more than my share of Red Stripes it was time to relax, recover and do some bass fishing!
I took friends Kevin and Chris out on Lake Tarpon on the Nitro 929 Monday to see if we could hammer some bass after all the rain we've had. Should be a lot of run-off coming into Tarpon including from our main target Brooker Creek. Kevin was talking about a possible 100 bass day as the conditions seemed perfect with overcast skies and slightly lower temps than we've seen in the past few days.
The day started in front of Chris's house fishing his yearling infested (one-year old bass) man-made pond in his development. I was loading up the boat when I heard a Rat-L-Trap whiz through the air smacking something solid followed by an "OWW!" The first catch of the day would be Chris as he buried the barb of a rat-l-trap in his ankle. After a half-hour of digging around we finely got the barb turned around and snapped off. A little peroxide and a band-aid and we were on our way to Lake Tarpon!
After launching out of Chesnut at about 11:30, we started at Brooker Creek. There was a nice flow coming out but to our surprise there was very little action. We tried in the mouth and out in the surrounding flats but could only pick-up one small one. After an hour or so of working the creek we decided to head down the outflow canal towards the damn and see how that was flowing. We made a few stops and picked off a few schoolies along the way. When we got to the damn, the water was really flowing through but again the action was very slow and we came away from the damn with no bites. We worked back up the canal picking off a few more along the banks on our way back to Brooker Creek. We finished up at Brooker catching a couple more as the action picked up a little bit. Kevin caught a decent fish on a chug bug and I picked up a 17" fish on a junebug Bitters Sling. Overall, the total count was only 11 bass, just 89 short of 100!
Air temps: upper 80's
Water temps: 81 (76 inside Brooker Creek)
Overcast and Humid

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