Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Zero at the Big "O"!

We had are 2 day end-of-the-year classic tournament for Xtreme Bass Series on Lake Okeechobee out of Roland Martin Marina in Clewiston this past weekend and the fishing was as tough as I have ever faced! My partner Kevin and I couldn't manage a single bite in 3 days of fishing! Thank you Roland Martin for putting a Tiki bar in your resort! The conditions were not particularly bad so I am not sure if we just couldn't find the fish or they just didn't want what we had to offer. We did fish a multitude of different baits in every color of the rainbow in every presentation we could think of in countless number of spots so it couldn't be us right? Had to be those moody Okee-bass! Actually only 75 teams out of 126 weighed in fish on day one. The rumor was that the high water (15 feet) had the fish really spread out and it took some work to find them. Some of the spots we fished included Coot Bay, East Wall, West Wall, Rita Island, Dynamite Holes, Uncle Joes Cut, Uncle Joes Trail, and all up and down the Rim Canal. The guys that did well all seemed to have had fished the north end of the lake. We heard that it took anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to make the run from Clewiston and for us to make that run would probably be closer to 2 hours if even possible in the windy conditions and my 17 foot bass boat. The winners had somewhere around 35 pounds and won a new Ranger 198 VX with an 200 Evinrude for their efforts! All in all, we had a great time, got to meet lots of new people from different trails, and it was great to finally fish Okeechobee even though it got the best of us this time!

Over an hour wait at registration went by a little quicker with a few cold ones. Here's Kev trying to decide which one to start with!

Grass beds as far as the eye can see! Where do we start??


Vince said...

that was a ridiculous "bite" wasn't it? i fished thursday through sunday, and didnt get my first bite till that storm came in sunday afternoon. i caught a five pounder, and had a bigger one miss my bait. my partner missed 3 out of shock so we could've weighed a limit that day, but it was luck to run up on that bite. that place was a desert on the south end. the good thing was i caught up on sleep during the day, laying down in the back of the boat while my partner pretended not to have given up.

Nowski said...

Yea, we actually slept in on Sunday! Everyone from Tarpon that did well went to the mouth of the Kissimmee River.