Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Stop, Harris Chain!

Well it's taken me all year to do it but I have finally taken over the points lead for Angler of the Year for The North Tampa Bass Club. It has been kind of a struggle as I started the year cold as usual and missed a tournament in March putting me behind the eight ball. I needed a big tourny somewhere along the way and I got that at Rousseau with a 16.10 pound bag and a 7.01 big fish in May that would catapult me into the top three. A 7.01lber at Kissimmee gave me enough to pass the leader Kevin Hayton (who didn't fish because of boat problems) with one tourney to go! So here we go into the final tournament with approximately a 4 lb lead over second and a 6 and 7 pound lead over third and fourth respectively. I plan on coming out strong and holding my lead! Good luck to all my pursuers, lets get it on!

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